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About us was formed by Swedish aquarist and naturalist William Berg.

While completing his LL.M. degree, William also studied biology and fish anatomy at the Gothenburg University. He is a keen naturalist and has travelled extensively around the world, especially to tropical and subtropical regions like Mesoamerica, the Red Sea, and the Indian subcontinent.

William first came in contact with the Indian almond tree during his travels in Asia and has since then kept up on current research while also gathering locally available information from the regions in which the species is present. He has successfully used the leaves to improve results in his own breeding tanks where he raises species like Siamese Fighting fish (Betta splendens), blackwater tetras such as Cardinal tetra (Paracheirodon axelrodi), and various Apistogramma cichlids.

Living abroad for much of his adult life, William is today based in Central America where he is currently starting a conservational breeding program for tropical fish native to the region, including several endemic species found in isolated crater lakes in dormant volcanoes. Being a hobby botanist, he has also embarked on a project to deepen the knowledge of Central American orchids, especially those found in remote parts of the Nicaraguan and Costa Rican rainforest.


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